Favourite Part:

“””The list of fiscal crimes and misdemeanors committed by the Millerites is lengthy.

It’s not just that Miller and Co. increased spending on the operating budget by 44% and on the capital budget by another 250% over their seven years in charge of the city’s coffers.

Or that they hiked the city’s net debt by 176% — a move that has pushed the yearly debt service charges in the operating budget to more than $400-million, representing the third largest cost (after police and the TTC) paid for by our property tax bills.

Miller and Co. raided the city’s reserve funds to near depletion and relied repeatedly on one-time bailouts from Queen’s Park. Instead of putting any money away for a rainy day, they plunked budget surpluses from one year back into the following year’s budget — all the while spending with impunity on at least 500 more city staff per year, higher wages, arts and culture grants, rent concessions and loan guarantees for special interest groups, eco-schemes and their own perks.””””